Castle on the Rhine – IOTW

Castle on the Rhine

Ancient steel framed mountain bike as tourer at Glen Spean

Why I Prefer an Abandoned Mountain Bike to an Expensive Tourer

Around 30 miles into my cycle tour to the north cape of Europe someone asked how I would get the bike back to Britain. I replied that I would probably just leave it, after all it was an ancient mountain bike I had found abandoned in a stairwell so wouldn’t be a great loss. ‘You can’t … read more

John O'Groats Signpost

Why I’ll Never Cycle Land’s End to John O’Groats

Great Britain has much to offer the touring cyclist – lush scenery and plenty of historical interest. I’ve cycled many thousands of miles all over Britain yet have never cycled the great staple of British cycle touring – Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG). Nor do I ever intend to. These are the reasons why. Logistics … read more

Garmin vivomove watches

Activity Tracking Analog Watch With 1 Year Battery Life from Garmin

Garmin have released the vívomove – an analog sports watch with activity tracking. It syncs to the Garmin Connect Mobile app and is water resistant to 5ATM (50 meters) too. According to Garmin: Adding style to activity tracking the vívomove combines classic design with function, monitoring steps and sleep and reminding users when they’ve been inactive … read more

Leatherman Squirt PS4 multitool

Leatherman Squirt Review

The Leatherman Squirt is a truly pocket-sized multitool weighing only about 60g. It can be worn on a keyring but has pliers, blade, scissors, file, wire-cutters, bottle-opener, flat-head and cross-head screwdrivers. You might wonder if something so small can really be usable. The answer is yes. The tools are excellent quality and when you need something … read more

aggressive dog

Dealing With Aggressive Dogs on Cycle Tours – Easy and Extreme Methods

They may be man’s best friend but dogs can be a serious threat when cycle touring. Even when only playing they can cause a crash or damage equipment. They can also carry rabies and cause serious or fatal injury. Luckily serious attacks are rare but if you cycle tour a lot you will probably encounter aggressive … read more

Trayser electric bike

Is This the World’s Ugliest Bike?

When I saw this I immediately checked the date in case it was April 1st. This electric bike looks like someone sawed out the inner triangle from a commuter and stuck some Meccano in instead. I particularly like the way the saddle points down towards the worryingly high and sharp looking edge where the top tube … read more

Carradice Super C Handlebar Bag

Carradice Super C Handlebar Bag Review

Everything is made in China these days, isn’t it? Well, not Carradice products. They have a ‘Made in England’ label proudly attached, which even bears the handwritten name of the person who made it. The Super C is a fairly large and moderately expensive handlebar bag which has a more traditional styling than Ortliebs and most … read more

Cycle tourists on a cycle path

Cycle Touring is a Fantastic Way to Lose Weight

For losing weight quickly cycle touring is hard to beat. If you cycle 50 miles a day and eat normally you will almost certainly lose weight. For many cycle tourists it’s a challenge simply getting enough calories! Cycling with loaded panniers uses a lot of energy so on long tours it’s possible to lose a lot … read more

Oiling a bicycle chain

Dealing With Bike Noise on Cycle Tours

Bike noise can drive you mad on tour. It doesn’t always signify a serious problem but is best to address: something is loose, flexing or rubbing against something else with too much friction. Sound tends to resonate through the frame making it hard to locate the source. Answering the following questions can give some clues as … read more

Fixing brakes

Bike Repair Skills a Touring Cyclist Should Know

With almost mathematical certainty bike components break or need adjusted. You may be lucky and have no technical problems on a tour but you will have better peace of mind if you know how to deal with things if they do go wrong. This is a list of useful skills to know but you should consult … read more