About Tour by Bike Reviews


All items reviewed have been purchased by myself and used on real cycle tours over a time period adequate to assess the quality. Many reviews published elsewhere are based on a few hours or days of light use, which seldom gives an accurate assessment of an item’s quality.The reviews on this site are based on long-term, demanding, real-world experience. The only exceptions are where the product fails after short-term use or is clearly not up to the job.

Price is completely disregarded in the product rating (though it may be highlighted in the review). If a product costing £20 gets the same rating as a product costing £100 this means I believe they are the same quality, regardless of the price difference. In such a case the cheaper product would be the better buy. I believe this to be the best way to accurately assess the quality of a product. If the rating reflects the price it is very difficult to compare products and what one person regards a fair price is different to another. Also, prices for the same product can vary between manufacturers and change drastically over time. The rating reflects the quality of the product and the reader can decide whether they think the price reflects good value.

These reviews are an honest reflection of what I believe to be the worth of a product. If I think a product is worth buying I may include an affiliate link to it for which I will receive a small percentage. This does not necessarily make it in my interests to provide glowing reviews as I can just as easily give a bad review and link to other products I think would be more suitable and get a commision from those. If you are suspicious that a review is biased try reading other reviews on the site before deciding that the reviews are untrustworthy.

I strive to make these reviews as objective and accurate as possible. However the scores are necessarily subjective. If anyone can think of an objective way to do it please let me know. If you believe a product is not reviewed accurately or impartially or that any information is inaccurate please contact me and I will do my best to rectify the situation if appropriate.

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