Aldi Cycling Shoes Review


Cheap and comfortable but ultimately very poor value as they only lasted a week.


  • Cheap.
  • Comfortable.
  • Worked fine with Shimano cleats.


  • Soles split within a week.

You can’t go wrong for £20 eh, can you! Or can you? I bought these partly because of the cheap price, but also because there isn’t much of a selection of cycling shoes in the small town where I live and I’m not keen on ordering over the Internet without trying shoes on. These fitted quite well and seemed comfortable. They looked as durable as most other cycling shoes.

After one week of commuting on a hub-geared bike, and a gentle three-hour weekend cycle on same bike, both soles had split. I took the shoes back to Aldi who refunded them no problem. I can’t really give any points for footwear this flimsy but at least I got a full refund.

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