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Latest Update: Summary Section - Tropical Cyclone Mora forecast to intensify later on 29 May ... read more

Shop Visit: River City Bicycles

River City Bicycles is one of the iconic bike shops in Portland and in this video we get a tour of the shop from owner Dave Guettler! He points out some historic bikes, talks about his approach to choosing products and what it takes to make it as a bike shop this day and ... read more

Manifesto guide: which party will do the most for cycling?

We compare the manifesto pledges of the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Ukip and the Greens to see who comes top on cycling policyAmid fevered discussions of Brexit, the NHS and social care, not to mention the suddenly renewed importance of security and tackling terrorism, it might seem a bit niche – almost frivolous – to ask what the party manifestos are saying about cycling.But ... read more

The Adventures of Charlie the Scrapyard Touring Bike: Iceland

This is a guest post from Kelly Diggle, a traveller and blogger who in 2015 became the 4th owner of Charlie the Scrapyard Touring Bike (read Charlie’s full story here). Here’s her account of pedalling Charlie around the perimeter of Iceland In the spring of 2015 I found myself boarding a plane to Spain. It wasn’t for a holiday, however, but to collect Charlie the Scrapyard ... read more

Cycling Central Asia: So Many Choices!

The Good Ole' Days I hate having choices. A decade ago, when we first began touring through Africa, route planning was far more clear-cut. Studying our Michelin Africa map usually turned up just one possible route, perhaps two options in The post Cycling Central Asia: So Many Choices! appeared first on ... read more

Babies, Blue Skies and Bikes

Yup, Spring is here! Right now the sun is shining, flowers are blooming,skies are blue and everybody is happyIt was not like that the whole time. Well, obviously the sun never stopped shining. But this spring has still thrown some unpredictable weather at us. We had our fair share of rain and a good ... read more


My fattening up on the farm in Eastern Thailand has eventually come to an end. Pannee has been cooking up a storm of mostly local style meals, but she also has to leave the farm again. Now I'm back on the road, headed in the direction of Cambodia this time. I've cycled through Cambodia before, but that was quite a few years ago. I look forward to being in that country again. In the past ... read more

6 Months After the Arrival in Copenhagen…

It has now been 6 months and a few days since I arrived back in Copenhagen by bicycle after 2200 days on the road. Physically, life without the bike has obviously been more predictable and less nomadic. People have asked if it was an anti-climax to finish. I wouldn’t really say so. This physical adventure might be over, but there is still plenty of both physical and mental adventures to ... read more

A ride along the trail unknown

With the weather in shoulder-season mode and some time off over Easter we chose to head into the southern part ... read more

New Zealand: 3,400km of Photos and Logistics 

New Zealand is beautiful; white sandy beaches, tall majestic mountains, and crystal clear rivers around nearly every bend, so, without further ado, here it is in photos!                                             ... read more

Westcoast – the last stage

Juni 2016 Westcoast – the last stage The westcoast receives me with sunshine, the sea glitters blue and wild and I want nothing more than to feel sand and water under my feet. But the access to the sea is blocked by barbed wire and paddocks. Only after 10 kilometers I find a possibility to ... read more

Bivvy a Month-March Solo

WHAM BAM! Bivvy a Month-March When I was a little girl, I loved making dens. I liked hiding under the table, with the tablecloth shutting out the world. A blanket draped … The post Bivvy a Month-March Solo appeared first on Faraway ... read more

Going long on Low Carb

Almost a year since letting the cat out the bag about my fancy pants Low Carb Health Fat diet (>Maybe read this first<) and with gradually more readers, friends and family asking questions I thought it time to do an update with more info and tips. Once again if low carb doesn’t fit your belief ... read more