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Latest update: Safety and security section (Political situation) – by elections will take place on 1 April in parts of Rangoon and Bago, and in Chin, Mon, Rakhine, Sagaing, Shan and Kayah States; keep yourself updated on the campaign and avoid protests or demonstrations ... read more

Who Can Go On A Cycling Adventure?

It is sometimes assumed that cycle touring is the exclusive domain of the lean and lycra-clad. Since when did a ‘normal’ person get on a bike and routinely crank out between fifty and a hundred miles a day without breaking a sweat? That requires fitness, and therefore training, and therefore a passion for sport and competition, and determination and pain. Which seemingly only describes a ... read more

Cycle freight: why the bike is good for moving more than people

Better infrastructure for transporting people by bike is great. But cycle freight could free up roads and transform cities and towns tooThe plastic bike basket I bought online was billed as “large”, but even so I was amazed when it arrived. This was a behemoth – a cavernous, black box into which you could as easily fit a decent-sized dog as a bag of shopping.Fitted to my new commuter bike ... read more

Don’t Forget To Look Up!

‘Don’t forget to look up!’ cheered Marina as I cycled away from her ancient tumbledown family home nestled among majestic maple trees on a hill above the medieval city of Telavi. I’d arrived in the principal town of Kakheti with the intention of visiting Tusheti and the Caucasus Mountains for a spot of hiking. Meeting ... read more

Gone Camping

I never though going on a camping-trip would be a big deal. Yet here I am, working 3 days to get ready for just an overnighter. It’s just a little different now. Where I use to be an unorganised mess, now I’m an unorganised mess with a baby. Not blaming the baby! But it ... read more

Bicycling Across Mississippi Video Playlist

We’ve just returned from a week of pedaling in Mississippi looking for interesting bike destinations. We managed to create some ride videos while we were on the road, but have a few more to edit. For now, check out these vids on unlikely but awesome biking destinations in ... read more

A Photographic Journey Packrafting the Waiau

   Packrafting down the Waiau proved to be the best thing we have done in New Zealand. We got to wild camp every night, enjoyed our long days on the water, and best of all, with our boats on our ... read more

Top 5 Reasons to Go Bicycle Touring in Nicaragua

Psstthe revolution in Nicaragua ended almost three decades ago and this friendly (and relatively safe) Central American country is now a popular spot for bicycle travelers. Gilli Rosenberg tells us why   Optimistic People All over Nicaragua we met people The post Top 5 Reasons to Go Bicycle Touring in Nicaragua appeared first on ... read more

37 Special Places and Moments from Cycling Around the World

It took me six years to cycle around the world. Every day I would take at least one photo with my trusty Canon camera. This is a selection of 37 special places and moments I captured along the way. #1 Wroclaw Bridge   It’s a tradition that young couples put a lock on this bridge in Wroclaw, Poland when they get married. I spent a couple of days in this beautiful city with good friends who ... read more

Bivvy a Month – February

WHAM BAM! Bivvy a Month-February I’ve been scouting about for new bivvy spots since our last bikepacking night out back in January. When I say scouting, what I really mean is … The post Bivvy a Month – February appeared first on Faraway ... read more

Going long on Low Carb

Almost a year since letting the cat out the bag about my fancy pants Low Carb Health Fat diet (>Maybe read this first<) and with gradually more readers, friends and family asking questions I thought it time to do an update with more info and tips. Once again if low carb doesn’t fit your belief ... read more


Tomorrow I will be moving along. My current Thai visa is about to expire. I am not taking my computer with me, so I will update this blog at some future stage ... read more

New Zealand: Winter Nights

Winter Nights June 2016 Why am I in New Zealand during winter? Have I forgotten that the seasons are opposed at the southern hemisphere? No, of course I knew it will get cold. And not always easy. It is a new challenge and that is one of the reasons why I consciously made the decision ... read more

Reckoning -Chariot CX1 vs Tout Terrain Singletrailer

Bryn will be 4 years old in April – he’s been along on the majority of our adventures since his ... read more