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Latest update: Summary - Kos Airport is fully operational and expects to operate a full service from Saturday 22 July. Ferry services are being diverted to other ports on the island of Kos, given damage to the main port. If you have concerns about flights or ferry services, please contact your airline, ferry company or tour operator ... read more

Undercover police target London drivers who pass too close to cyclists

Drivers who fail to give cyclists enough space when overtaking will be pulled over, and officers will explain how to overtake cyclists safelyLondon’s police force has launched a new initiative to tackle drivers who pass cyclists too closely, using plain clothes officers.From Friday, the Space for Cyclists initiative will be carried out by UK’s only cycle-mounted police command, the Met’s ... read more

Headed to Southwest Montana!

We are on the road! Currently updating this from a motel room in Moscow, Idaho (watching some terrible cable), we are working our way to Dillon, Montana to spend a week in the area for some cycling and fishing. We are not new to this area and are excited to return. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notified of video ... read more


So, after 2 months I am back on the farm in Eastern Thailand. In this time I cycled through parts of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. This was not an easy trip, broken bike, and some health problems as well. So now I am relaxing for a while. I had been relaxing with Pannee on the farm for about a month, fattening up after a lengthy visa run to Laos. I left the farm in early May, headed for the ... read more

Touring with Tara

Whoop whoop! Camping season is in full swing here in the Netherlands. Not that we’ve let little details like that stop us before. In fact, this is the 5th time that Tara has gone camping. But it’s been the first time the temperatures were actually above freezing at night! It didn’t seem to make ... read more

The Rainbow Warriors – How I became a Hippie in New Zealand

The Rainbow Warriors How I became a Hippie in New Zealand “We all come from different walks of life with our different colours with the aknowledgement that we ARE light. [] We are the awaken, the light, the love – gathering to live in harmony to trade ideas, knowledge, stories, ways of living, to learn,to ... read more

Parallel lines – an adventure for everyone

Apart from the Canning Stock Route (which was planned prior to Bryn), we’ve done most of our adventuring as a ... read more

The Adventures of Charlie the Scrapyard Touring Bike: Iceland

This is a guest post from Kelly Diggle, a traveller and blogger who in 2015 became the 4th owner of Charlie the Scrapyard Touring Bike (read Charlie’s full story here). Here’s her account of pedalling Charlie around the perimeter of Iceland In the spring of 2015 I found myself boarding a plane to Spain. It wasn’t for a holiday, however, but to collect Charlie the Scrapyard ... read more

Cycling Central Asia: So Many Choices!

The Good Ole' Days I hate having choices. A decade ago, when we first began touring through Africa, route planning was far more clear-cut. Studying our Michelin Africa map usually turned up just one possible route, perhaps two options in The post Cycling Central Asia: So Many Choices! appeared first on ... read more

6 Months After the Arrival in Copenhagen…

It has now been 6 months and a few days since I arrived back in Copenhagen by bicycle after 2200 days on the road. Physically, life without the bike has obviously been more predictable and less nomadic. People have asked if it was an anti-climax to finish. I wouldn’t really say so. This physical adventure might be over, but there is still plenty of both physical and mental adventures to ... read more

New Zealand: 3,400km of Photos and Logistics 

New Zealand is beautiful; white sandy beaches, tall majestic mountains, and crystal clear rivers around nearly every bend, so, without further ado, here it is in photos!                                             ... read more

Bivvy a Month-March Solo

WHAM BAM! Bivvy a Month-March When I was a little girl, I loved making dens. I liked hiding under the table, with the tablecloth shutting out the world. A blanket draped … The post Bivvy a Month-March Solo appeared first on Faraway ... read more