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Latest Update: Summary Section – Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 has struck the coast of West ... read more

Winter Missoula Gravel Ride

In this vid, I brave the winter weather and go for a short gravel loop taking the Ewok trail back home. Curious what riding is like in Missoula in the winter? Check it out! ... read more

‘Our playground’: London cyclists find utopia in Regent’s Park

Every morning groups of cyclists gather to ride the park’s Outer Circle. As cycling gains momentum in the city, more circuits might flourish It’s half past seven on a mild October morning, just getting light, and I am waiting with my bike at one of the most tranquil spots in central London, under a canopy of trees on the Inner Circle. Hidden away inside Regent’s Park, the Inner Circle is a ... read more

Afterglow Reflector Review

Afterglow Reflector Review Versatile magnetic reflector, for use with clothing and equipment you already own When Erik Roby, inventor of the Portland Afterglow reflector asked me to test his latest … The post Afterglow Reflector Review appeared first on Faraway ... read more

An Evening With Miroslav

I met Miroslav almost the instant I stepped off the plane at Gdansk Lech Walesa airport. I was looking up at the timetable for the tram when the retired journalist offered to help. ‘You are from England?’ he asked. ‘Where are you going?’ ‘I’m heading into Gdansk. Is this the right tram?’ I replied. ‘Come ... read more

New Zealand: The story of the Crows Nest

Wellington June 2016 – January 2017 A home for travelers Homesickness – every traveler knows it, although not everyone admits it. For some folk homesickness means missing your own home, your own family, mom, dad and siblings. It´s the desire to be at that place where you lived before your trip or even where you ... read more


It should be no surprise to anybody (especially no surprise to me) that I am on my way again. In the past year and a half (since I had met Pannee here in Thailand) I have had to leave the country every 2 months to get a new Thai visa in a neighbouring country. Pannee thinks I am going on a “solo holiday”, but I do go on excusions of 1 to 2 months at a time (see previous posts ... read more

Freedom Challenge pt X

Day 21: Anysberg – Montagu Johnny, Estelle and I had breakfast together, Estelle seemed a lot more chirpy after a good night of sleep. Just for a change we set off in the dark and it was chilly. The day promised easy nav and a fairly easy 70km ride to Montagu including the long descent down ... read more

Bicycle Touring the Pamir Highway: part 1 leaving Bishkek

When you dream of something for more than a decade, expectations are correspondingly high. Over the years, we’d crossed paths with scores of cyclists who’d gushed about the sublime beauty of the Pamirs. Most of them left out the part The post Bicycle Touring the Pamir Highway: part 1 leaving Bishkek appeared first on ... read more