Is This the World’s Ugliest Bike?

Trayser electric bike

Trayser Electric BikeWhen I saw this I immediately checked the date in case it was April 1st.

This electric bike looks like someone sawed out the inner triangle from a commuter and stuck some Meccano in instead. I particularly like the way the saddle points down towards the worryingly high and sharp looking edge where the top tube should be – it really drives home how painful it might be if you slipped. It looks like it might be quite hard to mount too, which is odd considering that many people will use electric bikes due to lack of mobility.

There doesn’t appear to be room for a front mudguard either – or even larger tyres, or fittings for racks. Apparently you can 3d print parts – but which parts?

A strange design all in all but maybe that’s just my taste. I’d be interested to know if anyone actually likes it or can explain why they think it’s a good design.

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