Leatherman Blast Review

Leatherman Blast

Leatherman Blast


A solid, reliable, but heavy multitool with a good range of tools that can be found cheaply.


  • Very tough.
  • Excellent range of high quality tools.
  • Pliers are comfortable to use and very tough.


  • Heavy.
  • Main blade is thin and on the wrong side for easy access.

The Leatherman Blast has a good range of useful tools that are suitable for heavy duty use. The main tools are lockable. The pliers in particular are superb and have performed jobs that trashed much heavier steel pliers. The wire cutters are strong enough for cutting brake cables (though not as cleanly as dedicated cable cutters). The handles have ridged plastic edges so give good grip but don’t cut into your hands when using the pliers and are long enough to give plenty of leverage. If you want a really good pair of pliers in a multitool this is an excellent buy.

The excellent quality pliers come at a price, however – the Blast is quite large and heavy. In addition, because the knife and other tools are on the insides of the handles they are a bit be awkward to get to – you have to open the Blast, pull out the tool and lock it, then close the tool. Once this is done the tools are very solidly locked but because the lock is on the outside when gripping the device it is possible to unlock the tools accidentally. However it is easy to avoid this and it shouldn’t be a problem in practice.

The tools are all excellent quality and very durable. The only one I’m not that keen on is the blade, which is a bit too shallow, long and pointed for my liking. It is extremely sharp – I have even gutted fish with it! – but I tend not to use it much and it may be an idea to remove it to avoid falling foul of knife laws – it is illegal to carry a locking knife in public without good cause.

Leatherman Blast main blade

The blade of the Leatherman Blast

To sum up, if you need a good pair of pliers/cable cutters in a multi-tool and won’t be using the knife a lot this is a great buy. If you want a multi-tool to use primarily as a knife I would look for something with a more accessible and deeper blade.


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