Lezyne Micro Floor Pump Review

Lezyne micro floor pump with gauge

Lezyne micro floor pump with gauge


Well-made pump that is reliable and can pump tyres to high pressure in reasonable time only let down by an inaccurate gauge and a poorly designed handle.


  • Pumps to moderately high pressure without much effort.
  • Well made.
  • Durable.
  • Screw-on valve style.
  • Goes to high pressure.


  • Pressure gauge is inaccurate.
  • Bulkier than hand-held pumps.
  • Can be sore on hands.
  • Not so good on soft ground.

A good pump is a must when cycle touring. Lezyne products are aimed at people willing to spend a little bit more for something that lasts. The Micro Floor Mini Pump with gauge just about lives up to its high price tag. It looks very well-made, being mostly composed of aluminium and heavy-duty rubber.

I’ve used this pump for several years now. There are a few bits that can loosen but they tighten back up no problem. Other than that the pump has proven very reliable. The design is that of a very small track pump, which means you can place it on the ground and push down, which makes it much easier to pump at higher pressure. The performance is well below a full-size track-pump but comfortably above a hand-held one. The pump screws into the valve and the adaptor is reversible for schrader or presta valves. The screw-in valve is slower than a push-on but is much more reliable and less likely to damage the valve. In practice it works well and I much prefer the screw-in type of valve to a push-on.

valve adapter on lezyne pump

Reversible valve adapter on Lezyne pump

There are a few problems with the track-pump design. First, having the extra cable makes the pump bulkier and heavier than hand-held pumps. It won’t make much difference if you keep the pump on the frame but you’ll worry about it being stolen. Another problem is that the small size of the pump handle, combined with a groove in it for the cable to pass, makes high-pressure pumping quite sore on your hand. Similar style pumps get round this by using a handle that rotates out for more width. The Lezyne pump’s handle is probably more durable but a lot less comfortable. An additional problem is that the small size of the base means the pump needs solid ground for resistance. You can still pump by hand but it won’t be nearly as effective.

In terms of tyre-pressure range this pump is very good for the sort of pressure used for touring, say 60-110psi. It is much slower than a full-size track pump but considerably quicker than a hand-held – you need just as many strokes but each stroke takes far less effort. The pump apparently goes up to 160psi but above 110psi it gets quite difficult to pump and cuts into your palm because of the annoying groove. Fat mountain bike tyres will take a while to pump but I’ve managed 1.95 inch tyres without major effort.

You can buy this pump with or without a gauge. Personally I wouldn’t bother with the gauge as the one on mine is dangerously inaccurate. You can pump many strokes without it moving, then it suddenly jumps 20psi. It’s not easy to read either so it’s possible you could be out by considerably more than 20psi when pumping. The gauge also introduces more potential failure points. You’re better without it.

Topeak make a popular alternative to this mini track pump, and it’s at a more attractive price (though still quite expensive). However, having looked at one I’d say the Lezyne pump looks considerably more durable. The foot of the pump takes a fair amount of abuse and the Topeak one is flimsy-looking plastic compared to a solid metal one on the Lezyne. At about £40 the Lezyne is nearly double the cost of the Topeak, but when you’re spending over £20 on a pump an extra £15 on something that will last much longer doesn’t seem that big a step. At least that’s what I convinced myself when buying it. Looking back I’m glad I spent the extra money as the Lezyne has proven to be an excellent and reliable pump. In fact it’s made a huge difference when touring as I can always pump up my tyres to a good pressure without much effort.



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