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heavily loaded panniers

The Problem With Panniers – Alternative Methods for Carrying Gear

Panniers are used by most cycle tourists I encounter. They can carry large amounts of gear, while keeping the centre of gravity low for good handling. Most are waterproof or have a waterproof cover so your gear is kept clean and dry. However, they have a number of disadvantages: They are difficult to carry off the … read more

A stainless-steel seat post bolt would have been nice

Cheap and Simple Steps to Make a Touring Bike More Durable

Fit Longer and Better Quality Bolts It’s not just the frame material and components that make a bike durable – the little things like bolts and bearings matter too. It tends to be these that manufacturers skimp on because they figure, probably correctly, that most people won’t think about them too much before buying. They should! … read more

slime on an inner tube

What Slime Can Do to Your Inner Tubes

Does Slime work at preventing punctures? Maybe so, if the definition of ‘works’ is covering your inner tube in green gloop. It’s hard to say if the slime had held back any previous punctures but this awful mess came about from a small hole caused by a thorn. I removed the tyre and that’s what confronted … read more

cycle touring gear on amazon

Bargain Cycle Touring Gear

Our Cheap Touring Gear page has dozens of the best bike touring bargains available on Amazon. It’s updated every hour so prices change fast. Find a bargain now!

Smartphone and Garmin

Smartphone or Dedicated GPS Unit?

Smartphones nowadays can do pretty much anything a dedicated GPS unit can do. So why spend a lot of money on an extra device? What advantages do dedicated GPS units like those from Garmin have? Let’s examine these devices a bit closer. A smartphone is a small general-purpose computer that does a lot of things but … read more

What is the Best Wheel Size for Cycle Touring?

Choosing the right wheel-size in a touring bike is very important. Getting it wrong could mean being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken wheel and no way to repair it. So which wheel size is right for you? To get a better idea of the effects of different wheel sizes imagine two very … read more

part of bicycle

Could Peer-to-Peer Sharing Work With Touring Bikes?

Online peer-to-peer services like Uber and Airbnb have transformed many industries. Could a similar system be used for sharing touring bikes? An internet company, Spinlister, offers peer-to-peer bike rental/hire. It isn’t aimed at touring bikes specifically, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be used for it. While some people tour constantly, most will spend … read more

Shimano SH-MT71 Goretex Cycling Shoes

Shimano SH-MT71 Shoes Review

SUMMARY: Good waterproofing and comfortable enough for touring and light walking. The upper is disappointingly flimsy and combines with poor cleat clearance to make the Shimanos less suitable for trail walking. The sole has good grip but mountain bikers might want something stiffer. GOOD: Waterproof. Not as ugly as some cycling shoes. BAD: Ugly. Flimsy uppers. … read more

Bike Buddy parts

Bike Buddy Bottle Cage Mk3 Review

SUMMARY: A sturdy bottle holder that’s good for holding medium-sized metal bottles but the complicated metal construction makes it awkward to fit and handle. GOOD: Sturdy metal construction. Adjustable. BAD: Complicated and inelegant. Doesn’t hold large plastic bottles well. Awkward metal straps can damage hands and bottles. Doesn’t fit well with a second bottle cage on … read more

Hewitt Cheviot with improvised front rack

Review of Hewitt Cheviot Frame and Forks

SUMMARY: A solid traditional touring frame for 700c wheels but a bit expensive for a mass-produced frame with limited size options. N.B. This review is for the frame and forks only, not the full bike. GOOD: 100% Reynolds steel. Good choice of colours. Good service. Stainless-steel drop-outs are nice touch. Takes fairly wide tyres. BAD: Expensive … read more