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Castle on the Rhine

A bike in the Highlands

Cycle Touring in Scotland

The weather isn’t as bad as is often made out; in fact the eastern side of Scotland has a fair amount of sunshine. It may not be a huge country but that makes it good for short–medium tours and the long coastline and wide variety of landscapes make it seem much larger. What’s more if you’re … read more

MSR Whisperlite Universal Review

SUMMARY: A lightweight stove that burns many types of fuel but has some shockingly flimsy parts which throw into doubt its expedition-quality credentials. GOOD: High heat output. Quiet. Lightweight for multifuel stove. Burns wide range of fuels. BAD: Flimsy materials. Complex design with many failure points. Replacement parts could be expensive. Too wide for small pots. … read more

Cycle Touring Equipment Strategies

“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.” So said Winston Churchill. This philosophy seems to be shared by many cycle tourists, who buy extremely expensive bikes and components with the justification that they will be very reliable and last a long time. But it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on equipment … read more

Hilleberg Nallo 2 in Scottish Highlands

Hilleberg Nallo 2 Review

SUMMARY: A solid choice for those who need an expedition quality tent that is spacious and reasonably light, but not ideal for cycle touring in warmer climates. GOOD: Lots of space. Quick and easy to pitch. Huge porch. Tough materials. Four season use. BAD: Rear wall has very shallow angle so not much foot-room. Can get … read more

Equipment Checklist for Cycle Touring

This is a sample list of equipment for cycle camping. This list may not suit your own style of cycle touring but gives a starting point and might include something you would have forgotten. SHELTER tent sleeping bag liner mat groundsheet COOKING stove pots or cook set plate knife and fork spoon cleaning stuff lighter/matches/flint fuel … read more

Blackburn Lo-Rider Front Rack Review

SUMMARY: A solid, if inelegant rack, on which virtually no modern panniers will fit. GOOD: Reasonably solid. Can be mounted without eyelets. BAD: Most modern panniers won’t fit. Interferes with wheel when removing. This is more of a warning than a review, and I make no apologies for that. You will see these racks sold just … read more

Gore Path Jacket

Gore Path Jacket Review

SUMMARY: A good quality jacket that performs adequately in all seasons and situations but doesn’t excel in any. GOOD: Well made. Very waterproof and windproof. Light. BAD: Fit could be better. Little ventilation. Cold in winter. According to Gore the Path is a “jacket that provides the necessary basics: reliable protection against rain and wind with … read more

Garmin etrex 20

Garmin Etrex 20 Review

SUMMARY: A solid, reliable device with excellent battery life but let down by a poor joystick. GOOD: Long battery life. Uses AA batteries. Tough and reliable. BAD: Slow operation. Poor joystick and zoom buttons. Small, low resolution screen. As most phones have inbuilt GPS nowadays you might question why you would need a dedicated GPS unit, … read more

Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves Review

SUMMARY: Warm and comfortable, with good grip, but the stitching seems to be of poor quality leading to unreliable waterproofing. GOOD: Reasonably warm. Windproof. Good grip. Fit to hands well. BAD: Not durable enough to be reliably waterproof. Very slow to dry. Quite bulky for the warmth. I have a terrible confession. When I bought these … read more

Aldi Cycling Shoes Review

SUMMARY: Cheap and comfortable but ultimately very poor value as they only lasted a week. GOOD: Cheap. Comfortable. Worked fine with Shimano cleats. BAD: Soles split within a week. You can’t go wrong for £20 eh, can you! Or can you? I bought these partly because of the cheap price, but also because there isn’t much … read more