Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves Review


Warm and comfortable, with good grip, but the stitching seems to be of poor quality leading to unreliable waterproofing.


  • Reasonably warm.
  • Windproof.
  • Good grip.
  • Fit to hands well.


  • Not durable enough to be reliably waterproof.
  • Very slow to dry.
  • Quite bulky for the warmth.

I have a terrible confession. When I bought these gloves I actually thought they were made with real sealskin. I am sure you’ll be glad to know they aren’t. In fact they’re made from merino wool with a synthetic membrane for waterproofing.

The gloves fit to your hands well and have a very strong grip. However, although many cycling shops sell them they are not specifically made for cycling. There is no palm padding and the grip is a bit sticky for my liking but you’re very unlikely to lose hold of the handlebars with them.

They are fairly warm and windproof, though I don’t think they are warm enough for sub-zero conditions. They are a tight fit so you won’t be able to use them with a liner glove either.

In light rain the Sealskinz kept my hands dry, however, in prolonged rain of the type one often encounters when touring the gloves let in quite badly and soon were completely drenched. What is more they took a very long time to dry out. The gloves are quite stiff so wringing them out isn’t really possible, and would most likely damage the waterproof lining. On a four day tour the gloves got soaked on the first day and didn’t dry out completely until I got home, even though it only rained on the first day. They are also quite unpleasant to wear when wet.

I tested the gloves in a sink of water and found they let in almost instantly, in both hands. As they are sold as being completely waterproof I took them back. The store sent them off for testing and it was about a month until the gloves were confirmed faulty and I was sent another pair. I tested this pair in the sink and they did not let in water.

After a few weeks use however, my hands got completely soaked in a relatively small amount of rain. I tested the gloves again in the sink and found they let in through the stitching around the fingers. The store refunded me. I would not use these gloves again as they are not durable. A cheap pair of woollen or fleece gloves is a better choice, as although they will get wet they will at least dry quickly. Such gloves will also fit easily in a pocket, whereas the Sealskinz are just a bit too stiff and bulky.

3/10 (This score ignores price. Learn more about these reviews.)

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