UK Plaintext Forecasts

title: Mountain Forecasts
location: Snowdonia
time: 1650
IssuedDate: Thursday, 23 March 2017

Element: Blizzards
Risk: No Risk

Element: Heavy snow
Risk: No Risk

Element: Storm force winds
Risk: No Risk

Element: Gales
Risk: No Risk

Element: Severe chill effect
Risk: Low
Comments: A strong breeze and low temperatures at height may lead to severe chill effects.

Element: Persistent extensive hill fog
Risk: Low
Comments: Extensive hill fog early in the day may lead to significant navigational difficulties.

Element: Thunderstorms
Risk: No Risk

Element: Heavy persistent rain
Risk: No Risk

Element: Strong sunlight
Risk: Low
Comments: Sunny spells in the afternoon give a risk of sunburn with a deceptive breeze.
Overview: After a cloudy start with some hill fog, warm sunny spells should develop through the day although it will feel cold at height in the easterly breeze.


Weather: Chilly overnight with clear spells at first although cloud will thicken late in the night. There will be a brisk northeasterly breeze with hill fog around the peaks. Through the morning cloud will break with sunny spells developing, and winds easing a little. Temperatures will drop off quite quickly at low levels during the evening.
Visibility: Very good generally, although very poor in hill fog.
HillFog: Extensive hill fog above 500 metres with occasional patches down to 300 metres in the east. Hill fog will largely lift by the afternoon, although with ragged patches above 500 m through the day.
MaxWindLevel: 500m
MaxWind: Northeasterly 35 mph.
TempLowLevel: Zero Celsius rising to plus 13 Celsius.
TempHighLevel: Zero Celsius rising to plus 4 Celsius.
FreezingLevel: 800 metres at first rising to just above the summits through the afternoon.


Weather: Clear spells overnight with some low level mist and fog patches in sheltered valleys at first and also a risk of frost in prone hollows. Then a dry and mostly sunny day with generally light winds, although southern areas tending to be breezier. It will feel warm in sunshine during the afternoon. Dry and largely clear on Saturday night.
Visibility: Very good or excellent, although very poor in any valley fog.
HillFog: No hill fog expected.
MaxWindLevel: 500m
MaxWind: Easterly 30 mph.
TempLowLevel: Zero Celsius rising to plus 15 Celsius.
TempHighLevel: Plus 5 Celsius.
FreezingLevel: Around the summits rising above during the evening.
Outlook_Day2: It will remain dry through Sunday with a risk of some early frost or low level fog patches. It may turn cloudier through the afternoon with some ragged patches of hill fog possible. Mostly light winds with freezing levels above the summits.
Outlook_Day3: Another dry day with variable cloud and sunny spells. There may be areas of hill fog in the morning, although this should break through the day to give some sunny spells with light winds. Freezing levels above the summits.
Outlook_Day4: A dry start to the day with light winds and sunny spells and a few early mist or fog patches. There is a risk of occasional sharp showers through the afternoon, although still with warm sunny spells.

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