UK Plaintext Forecasts

Issued by the Met Office on 2019-03-25 at 16:00:00

Whole UK

Dry with clear spells for many tonight.

This Evening and Tonight

Breezy and often cloudy across Scotland tonight, with some patchy rain in the north and west. Elsewhere it will start clear for most, although cloudier in the north later. A frost is likely where it remains clearest in the south.


A chilly start in the south, then a fine day with some sunny spells, although it will be a cloudier day than Monday. Cloudy in the northwest with showery rain.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday

Largely dry and often fairly cloudy, but with some sunshine, particularly towards the south and east. Occasionally wetter and breezier far northwest. Warming up, especially in sheltered eastern areas.

UK Outlook for Saturday 30 Mar 2019 to Monday 8 Apr 2019

After a fine and dry start on Saturday, especially across the south, cloud and outbreaks of rain across central parts will move erratically southeastwards, becoming light and patchy as it does so. Further north, there'll be a mixture of sunny spells and blustery showers, these possibly turning wintry over the hills. Risk of gales in the north. There will probably be a good deal of dry and sunny weather on Sunday after a chilly start in most places. Becoming gradually more changeable into next week, with either a band of rain continuing to move southeast early on, before frontal systems arrive from the Atlantic later. Some warm spells in the south at first, otherwise temperatures are likely to be around normal, with some colder interludes possible, particularly in the north.

UK Outlook for Tuesday 9 Apr 2019 to Tuesday 23 Apr 2019

At the start of this period it looks most likely that we will see changeable conditions as spells of wet and windy weather moving southeastwards across the UK. The most unsettled conditions are likely to be in the northwest, with more settled weather across southeastern areas. Temperatures should be near average for most. Towards the middle of the month confidence is low; however there is a possibility that we may see a return of more widely settled and drier weather. Some wetter interludes are still possible, particularly in the northwest. It could well turn warm at times, particularly in the south.



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