UK Plaintext Forecasts

Issued by the Met Office on 2017-06-27 at 04:00:00

Northeast England

Rain will gradually become lighter and more patchy through today.


Starting overcast with rain, persistent and often heavy for many areas. The rain is likely to become lighter and more intermittent through this afternoon and evening, although some heavier bursts are still possible. Feeling cool. Maximum Temperature 15C.


Cloudy, with outbreaks of rain at first, perhaps with some heavier bursts. Later an area of persistent and heavy rain will spread northwards. Minimum Temperature 10C.


Feeling distinctly cool as windy conditions develop through the day, especially along the coast and over high ground. It will remain cloudy with persistent, and often heavy, rain. Maximum Temperature 12C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday

Wet, cool and initially windy for Thursday. Friday a brisk northerly wind will push the early rain away southwards, with sunny spells fllowing. Saturday dry and fine then rain later.

UK Outlook for Saturday 1 Jul 2017 to Monday 10 Jul 2017

We will see changeable weather over the weekend, with cloud and outbreaks of rain, along with heavy showers in the north. There will be some sunshine too, but it will be rather breezy. The following week will stay changeable with showers or longer spells of rain. There will also be some drier and brighter spells, which will be most likely in the south and east. In the northwest, showers are likely to be heavier, perhaps bringing a risk of thunder at times. It will sometimes be windy, especially in the north and west where there will be a risk of local gales at times. Temperatures are expected to stay near the seasonal average throughout, occasionally warm in the east, but locally rather cool in the west.

UK Outlook for Tuesday 11 Jul 2017 to Tuesday 25 Jul 2017

The changeable weather is likely to continue in the north at first, bringing further showers or longer spells of rain with only brief bright or sunny spells in between. However, drier and warmer spells are likely to become more prevalent in the south and these may spread further north as we head into the second half of the month. These would bring more in the way of sunshine and higher temperatures, and there could be some very warm spells. However, an increase in temperatures would pose the threat of some thundery showers.



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